Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The License.

I started out with noble intentions. But I don't think this entry ended up fitting the "social milieu" requirement. Maybe it does. But anyway, here goes.

Buddho Babu was elated. This joy expressed itself through another squirt of red betel juice, this one making only a minor red mark near the bottom of his white dhoti. The major part of the projectile found itself nestled at the bottom of a blue bucket placed near the foot of the bench on which he was sitting. Bustling with life, and littered with people - no one in the room really cared. This act was a sign of feeling at home in a government office, nothing really to frown upon.

"Aah" Busho Babu groaned as he got up and made his descent down the final flight of stairs that would complete his year long mission. It wasn't easy when he had decided to take it on. After all, there was the long theoretical and experimental study, the rigorous examination, and the actual live practical, demonstrating that he could do it right. Very few passed. He had rightly surmised that the government did not want too many people with the license. The very fact that they actually sanctioned this kind of thing was unknown to most. He certainly did not know anyone who had one. But then, no-one he knew had needed one either.

He could see a light emerging from the bottom of the stairwell. "This must be it". As he entered the bare, dusty room, the babu at the desk motioned him to wait, while the Chief Sanctioning Officer arrived. Buddho Babu would have a short interview with him, sign the final few papers before he recieved it. Also there was the small matter of the oath.

The Officer arrived in about a minute and gesticulated that Buddhu Babu could accompany him to his office. "Congratulations" he said."This would have been so much easier for you and us, if you had gotten this done when you found out at your Coming-of-Age Investiture . Anyway, better late that never, sign here please!". As he signed, The Officer handed him his small, green card, with his photograph, the official stamp and other details. A small box on top indicated his current status. "Allowed limit : 1500ml per week".

"So, shall we begin with the oath?".

Budho Babu mumbled the words, as he tried to keep his emotions in check.

"I solemnly pledge before The Holy Spirit that I will not misuse the powers granted to me by the Government, and will uphold the general principles of Vampiredom. I will drink the blood of only fresh corpses and the terminally ill, in a manner that will not cause mental or physical pain to any individual involved. I shall not exceed the limits prescribed by my license and will not divulge the details of this transaction to any other individual. I shall lead the rest of my life as an authorized Vampire with utmost integrity and will be forever loyal to the Charter of Vampiric Principles."

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